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Sunbed Services

Sunbed Services

Here at Face Facts we have state of the art UV sunbed to give you a healthy all over glow. Our sunbed will also prepare your skin before you go into the sun or to keep that beautiful holiday tan once you return.

We pride ourselves on sensible, safe, effective tanning. We offer the latest hygenic stand up, UV Tanning bed to allow you to develop a natural looking, safe, healthy tan. All of our tanning units are regularly retubed to provide maximum performance at all times.

To build and maintain a healthy tan, always use a pre tanning lotion. Moisturised skin will tan far better. Our expertly trained staff will be happy to advise on the lotion to suit you and your tanning requirements. With our fantastic range of tanning creams and professional friendly advice, Face Facts have everything you need for effective and responsible tanning.

Full range of accelerators and tanning creams available.

courses or individual minutes to purchase.